Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hello Cupcake

Im really into the whole cupcake scene at the moment and had my first bash and making and decorating some after I purchased a little cupcake kit. So heres the results..

Chocolate Badboys

Plain sponge with a pastel blue/green frosting

Love Lorry x

New to The Game

So lately I've been having a look at all these lovely blogs and decided I'de really love to start my own and after thinking it over for a good few days, here i am. So here is a little bit about me...

Name: Lauren but my friends and family call me Lorry or Bee
Age: 19
Occupation: Currently in my 2nd year of Uni studying 'Festival and Events Management'
What to expect from my blog: General thoughts, fashion beauty and a few treats thrown in

Love Lorry x