Monday, 20 December 2010

La Familia

Im in such a foul mood tonight and really have some issues that are bugging me right now - those being about families..

I have a great family, my mum is my best friend, Im a self confessed daddies girl. Yeah my brothers can be a pain in the ass but i wouldn't change them for the world. My grandparents are the sweetest most caring people I know and I absolutely adore them. Whenever I have any problems, Im feeling down or Im short on a little money they'll always be there and help me out.. exactly what families are for right??

This is one side of my family a couple of years ago <3

Apparently Im wrong, I've witnessed some situations with  friends that have made me realise just how lucky I am. They have parents that don't seem to care, or even think about them and only bother about their new partners. They're quite prepared to let their child get into debt without doing anything possible to help, to let them stay in a cold house with little food... I just cant seem to understand it, when you have children don't they become your priority or am I completely wrong?? The selfishness of some people really irritates me and I'de love to give them a piece of my mind!!

I know this is quite a random blog but Im just not a selfish person and my family are so important to me and I just cant understand how some people can act like this?? Am I the only one??

I promise Ill be doing a blog soon about a few new purchases and what's been going on in my life recently, hope your all doing great and getting excited for christmas

Love Lorry x

Friday, 10 December 2010

Hey Troops!

Firstly Im really trying to blog more often but at this moment in time i have waaaay to much revision to be getting done - if only I was as good at revising as I am procrastinating. Today started off terribly, I threw a huge hissy fit while trying to get through to Waterstones to find out if they had a text book I need and instead speant half an hour listening to christmas carols. Safe to say I gave up! NOT.IMPRESSED.WATERSTONES! anyhoo rant over, my day got a little better when mum decided to chum me to Edinburgh to get the book from Blackwells whom I might add were very helpful and polite :) and we also did a little more christmas shopping...

So more to the point I have a couple little buys to show you (one being my saviour textbook) - but I cant say they're all that exciting Im afraid and I also need a little help from everyone on a hair 'dilemma'...

1. I bought this the other week while christmas shopping with my mum and completely forgot about it. Its a gorgeous bangle from Primark, it only cost £2 and although Im really not a bangle person this was just too good to miss:

3.My second purchase was my textbook (exciting I know) I have an exam on Monday which I am really freaking out over and feel super stressed about, and basically should have spent much longer revising for! But my reason for showing this is that I just cannot get over how expensive text books are... £35 for this one and most of the others I have bought were at least £30 or more. As you can see from the text book I study Festival and Events Management as exciting as it sounds its rather boring at the moment. So Im hoping this little number will save me from completely failing my exam (fingers crossed)

3. My little 'dilemma' that I'm needing some advice on is my hair, its currently a light brown with 3 different shades of highlights through it: a bleach blonde, caramel and a lighter caramel blonde. I cannot decide wether to go a dark glossy chocolate brown or a honey blonde - Lauren Conrad-esk. HELP ME!! Im very indecisive, this is my colour at the moment:  

Thats my ramble for today, I hope your all well and not stressing as much as I over exams or other things and help me out with my dilemma please ladies :) 

Love Lorry x

Monday, 6 December 2010

Im Addicted

To watching cooking/baking television programmes... Every night I turn on 'The Food Network' channel particularly around 11pm for the 'Food Network Challenge'

Image from Google Images

Different chefs are given a secret customer or particular theme and have to build an amazing cake for the customer or particular event based on a theme, they compete to have the 'chosen' cake and to win $10,000. This programme truly amazes and inspires me to bake/cook and the skills these people have are unreal, very very talented and creative people.

Images from Google Images
'Cat in the Hat'

Image from Google Images
'Horton Hears A Who!'

Am I the only one with this obsession at the moment?? If your into this sort of thing, or even if your not its definitely worth having a watch, they create some unbelievable cakes, simply amazing.

Love Lorry x

Its Monday... Again.

Hey Everyone..
So today I was supposed to be heading up to Edinburgh to stay with my friend Jill, so that we could finally do a presentation for one of my modules at Uni tomorrow -it was supposed to happen last monday but we got snowed in- but once again the snow has decided to appear again and I'm going no where and Im supposed to have an exam on wednesday morning (arggggh). So anyways instead of revising, Im procrastinating and doing this. 

1. First of all I want to show you all these little beauties that eventually arrived Saturday morning, Im in love...

As you can see from the box their from ALDO I had spotted them a couple of months ago but was put off by the original price £95 (Im not one for spending a lot of money on shoes/clothes) then about 2 weeks ago now I went on to have another nosey at them and seen they were reduced to £52 plus free delivery and simply couldn't resist. I cant wait to wear them out..

2. Barry M Nail Paint... my favourite shade right now has to be 292 - Navy. I love this one in the winter, its a darker glossy navy blue. Perfect for the party season

3. The Script - I've always been a fan but have found myself listening to them a lot recently I think its because they are mellow enough at the moment while Im stressing out over exams and assessments at Uni. I just generally love their music from both the first and newest album. Im sure most of you have probably heard of them but if not definitely give them a listen. Click on the little bit at the beginning and it'll take you to their YouTube channel.

P.S Sorry Im not doing these blogs too often at the moment, it sucks being a University student at this time of the year

Love Lorry x