Monday, 16 May 2011

Help Wanted

So Im feeling really uninspired by my blog and was hoping for a little help :) 

I need a revamp but really don't have a clue where to start.. things i want to change:

*The Name.. i really dislike the name
*My header, its so basic but not even in a nice way (boohoo)
*Things to blog about, what do people wanna see/hear about?

If you have any idea or suggestions, pretty please let me know 

Love Lorry x


  1. Hey, I would love to help you out! :)
    You havent posted in a while though, so Im guessing you have given blogging a break!
    Feel free to email me or leave me a comment at any time and I owuld love to help you! :)

  2. Hope you have found some blogging mojo again :) You could get a blog header from shabby blogs too, they have such nice ones! And blog about what you wear/like/listen to/where you go.. just anything really, the content should be up to you! :) xx