Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sorry For My Absense

Heyy Everyone

Im so sorry for my lack of blogging, i just lost my interest completely... I've been really stressed recently with finishing up uni for summer, some personal issues and generally just feeling a bit miserable and run down.

A few changes and events have taken place since my last blog so i thought a little update would be a good start, and first of all everybody meet the new love of my life

This little beaut is our new addition to the family, we've name him Rou (pronounced as in giving someone a row with less emphasis on the w) haha. He's amazing and has been keeping me very busy!

I also decided to go full blonde the other week and Im loving it, I haven't been blonde since I was a young girl and really love the change. CHANGE IS GOOD! I don't have a good picture yet but as soon as I do I'll get one up :)

So Im finished for summer now but really need to get a full time job, there is so many things i wanna do this summer and getting away on holiday and attending a festival are top of the list. what things has everyone got planned this summer?? Any recommendations?

Another little adventure I wanted to tell u about was a little trip I took a trip with my best friend katie and her little boy oscar, we went to butterfly and insect world in Edinburgh, the weather was so nice and we went for lunch too. I got some really beautiful photos..

Isn't he gorgeous?!

And I just wanna leave with a little inspiring image I spotted earlier, oh and I promise to blog more. I have some fab purchases to show you all

Love Lorry x

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