Monday, 6 December 2010

Its Monday... Again.

Hey Everyone..
So today I was supposed to be heading up to Edinburgh to stay with my friend Jill, so that we could finally do a presentation for one of my modules at Uni tomorrow -it was supposed to happen last monday but we got snowed in- but once again the snow has decided to appear again and I'm going no where and Im supposed to have an exam on wednesday morning (arggggh). So anyways instead of revising, Im procrastinating and doing this. 

1. First of all I want to show you all these little beauties that eventually arrived Saturday morning, Im in love...

As you can see from the box their from ALDO I had spotted them a couple of months ago but was put off by the original price £95 (Im not one for spending a lot of money on shoes/clothes) then about 2 weeks ago now I went on to have another nosey at them and seen they were reduced to £52 plus free delivery and simply couldn't resist. I cant wait to wear them out..

2. Barry M Nail Paint... my favourite shade right now has to be 292 - Navy. I love this one in the winter, its a darker glossy navy blue. Perfect for the party season

3. The Script - I've always been a fan but have found myself listening to them a lot recently I think its because they are mellow enough at the moment while Im stressing out over exams and assessments at Uni. I just generally love their music from both the first and newest album. Im sure most of you have probably heard of them but if not definitely give them a listen. Click on the little bit at the beginning and it'll take you to their YouTube channel.

P.S Sorry Im not doing these blogs too often at the moment, it sucks being a University student at this time of the year

Love Lorry x


  1. Those shoes are gorgeous, I just bought myself a new pair of booties too!! Also I love that shade of Barry M I think I might put it on now ;)

  2. The shoes are gorgeous!
    Nice Blog.
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    Have a nice day!

  3. Your boots are gorgeous! I have been looking for ones just like it!
    Love your blog!

  4. Omg, sooo pretty boots! x
    Nice blog, btw! x