Monday, 20 December 2010

La Familia

Im in such a foul mood tonight and really have some issues that are bugging me right now - those being about families..

I have a great family, my mum is my best friend, Im a self confessed daddies girl. Yeah my brothers can be a pain in the ass but i wouldn't change them for the world. My grandparents are the sweetest most caring people I know and I absolutely adore them. Whenever I have any problems, Im feeling down or Im short on a little money they'll always be there and help me out.. exactly what families are for right??

This is one side of my family a couple of years ago <3

Apparently Im wrong, I've witnessed some situations with  friends that have made me realise just how lucky I am. They have parents that don't seem to care, or even think about them and only bother about their new partners. They're quite prepared to let their child get into debt without doing anything possible to help, to let them stay in a cold house with little food... I just cant seem to understand it, when you have children don't they become your priority or am I completely wrong?? The selfishness of some people really irritates me and I'de love to give them a piece of my mind!!

I know this is quite a random blog but Im just not a selfish person and my family are so important to me and I just cant understand how some people can act like this?? Am I the only one??

I promise Ill be doing a blog soon about a few new purchases and what's been going on in my life recently, hope your all doing great and getting excited for christmas

Love Lorry x


  1. What a sweet girl you are! Family is the integral part of living. :) At least I think so. It looks like you've got yours covered. ;)

    Happy Holidays!

  2. I couldnt live without my family + just like yooh, my mom is my best friend and I'm a daddies gal :) LOL
    They are there for me whenever, no matter what :)
    Loving the textbook story, poor yooh, I'm actually quite peeved at waterstones recently as they had run out of breaking dawn books, from the twilight saga :/ WTH!
    Aanyways, I'd <3 if yooh could check out my blog, comment and follow :)
    Izz xxx