Monday, 6 December 2010

Im Addicted

To watching cooking/baking television programmes... Every night I turn on 'The Food Network' channel particularly around 11pm for the 'Food Network Challenge'

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Different chefs are given a secret customer or particular theme and have to build an amazing cake for the customer or particular event based on a theme, they compete to have the 'chosen' cake and to win $10,000. This programme truly amazes and inspires me to bake/cook and the skills these people have are unreal, very very talented and creative people.

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'Cat in the Hat'

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'Horton Hears A Who!'

Am I the only one with this obsession at the moment?? If your into this sort of thing, or even if your not its definitely worth having a watch, they create some unbelievable cakes, simply amazing.

Love Lorry x


  1. yes i am also addicted - keep it a secret though xx

  2. aw your blogs so cute and girly! I'd like to be addicted but sadly Im really bad at cooking and these programmes tend to make me really hungry! XD

  3. haha i never really watched a tv show like this-my addiction is desperate housewives!!
    cool blog btw :)