Thursday, 3 March 2011

And when my world is falling apart...

I just watched 'The Last Song' for the second time and felt the urge to do a blog about it. I read the book last year before watching the film and can truly say it was so unbelievably moving, such a great read. I also passed it on to my mum, she soared through it in roughly two days and also loved it.

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The film is a bit of a disappointment after the book, but most film are as they don't capture every detail that the book can express but its definitely worth watching, especially if your a family orientated person and a sucker for a good love story, its truly beautiful!

So go read it and watch the movie!!

Love Lorry x


  1. i liked it too, but the movie could be better, too. and i didn't like miley's pouting the whole was cute though

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  2. I just stumbled across your blog and I adore it! I read the last song as well and loved it to pieces but the movie wasn't too great haha. x

  3. I might chose this as my next book then! :)

  4. aww.. this film, its so lovely ! cried at the end :L

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