Thursday, 3 March 2011

'Have Faith In Me'

Hello Again Lovies

I think Im finally back into this (fingers crossed). I have a few wee things to show you and just some general chat and thoughts...

First of all some nails varnishes, the first is a Barry M i purchased yesterday, I love the different tones through it and always find Barry M nail varnishes stay on without chipping for a reasonable length of time.

This one i number 313-  Dusky Mauve

The others are the AVON matte range, i was given 5 of these for my birthday but seem to have misplaced one of them, the one missing is a gorgeous ruby red colour. I really like these and first seen them on Fleur De Force blog the only disappointment with them is they chip really easily so only good for maybe a night out or for one day.

These are 'Inky Blue' and 'Violetta'

And these two are 'Black as Night' and 'Grey Cement'

I had such a stressful day yesterday with a report due in to uni about facilities planning (bore) but I got it in and to make up for it I've had a really chilled today downloading music, doing some baking and tidying up my tip of a room, which i find kind of therapeutic at times particularly if Im in a bad mood haha. One of the song I downloaded today that i cant stop listening to is Ke$ha - 'The Harold Song'

With now hopefully being back into the swing of this blogging again I really want a new layout, something more mature and classy so I will need to get my thinking cap on, watch out for changes coming soon :) Ill be back soon..

Love Lorry x

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