Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Just a Little Update...

Hey everyone, hope your all well. Just a little update on what I've been up to..

Its coming to the end of term with uni and Im nearly done with second year (where has this year gone WOW) Im excited to be done for summer but theres just so much work to do right now.

After so many years of nagging, my mum and dad finally agreed to us getting a dog. I've always had my heart set on a black labrador and we went to see these wee cuties last Sunday:

The pictures from my mobile so please excuse the poor quality, but how amazing are they? We get to go pick ours in a few weeks when they have more character, I cant wait!! Im sure I will have plenty of blog updates when we get him!

My best friend Katie has a beautiful little boy called Oscar, and they also paid a visit this week! Hes getting soo big and I am so proud of her, shes a great mum and is doing so well with working 5 days a week studying and looking after Oscar! Amazing.. Heres a pic of him, so adorable:

This week past week has been so hectic and despite all the work I've been putting in trying to get all my assessments done, I finally got a treat! Since the age of 10 I've been obsessed with Westlife, and its something my Mum and I have always shared, and love that she has been so great with attending numerous concerts, signing etc. We got to see them again on Tuesday night in Newcastle and as always they were amazing, I find my inner child every time I go see them and become obsessed all over again! They put on a great show, most people think they just sit on stools and sing but anyone would be pleasantly surprised that there production is far more energetic without a stool in sight!

Thats really all the exciting things I've been doing in the last week, hope you all enjoyed my little update I have a few things to blog about and will be sure to do it as soon as I have some time.

Love Lorry x

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