Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunday Conclusions

Im definitely not a fan of Sunday, they seem to just be boring, lazy days either spent hungover or lingering in silly depressing thoughts....I am in such a crappy irritated mood tonight, not so great for blogging.

This weekend has been a quiet one, and not an awful lot to talk about except from a shopping trip today and  that I finally got round to watching 'The life and death of Charlie St Cloud' last night, I was crying before it was even a quarter of the way through!haha what a sap eh? I really enjoyed it and now want to get my hands on the book although kinda wish I had read the book first! Again like the last song its a family/love orientated story and very moving and WOW at Zac Efrons eyes, there so blue and amazing...never noticed before!

Sourced from 'weheartit'

Oh and some very exciting news I forgot to share with you all, myself and my friend Jamie got a call to go for auditions for 'The Million Pound Drop' amazing!! so stupidly excited about it, it would be so so good to get on the show and hopefully win some money!! So fingers crossed everyone

Hope your all well as usual, and have had a lovely weekend. I will hopefully get time to blog about some of my purchases this week and anything exciting that may happen..

Love Lorry x

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  1. I know what you mean about Sundays!! hehe.

    WOW thats AMAZING about million pound drop!! :) Thats so exciting!!